Who will be the next Prince of Wales after Charles?

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Prince of Wales has been a dynastic title traditionally granted by the English or British monarch to the son or grandson who is the heir apparent to the throne since the 14th century.

Prince Charles, Elizabeth II’s eldest son, was the most recent Prince of Wales and since he is now king, who becomes the next Prince of Wales?

Prince William, Charles’ eldest son, is now first in line to the throne. Despite being the heir to the throne, Prince William will not become Prince of Wales automatically.

He does, however, inherit his father’s other title, Duke of Cornwall, right away. Catherine, his wife, will be known as the Duchess of Cornwall.


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Second in line is William’s 9-year-old son, Prince George. After George, next in the line of succession are his two young siblings, Princess Charlotte, age 7, and Prince Louis, age 4.

Prince William’s 37-year-old younger brother, Prince Harry, the second son of Charles and Princess Diana is now fifth in line after William’s children.

Archie and Lillibet Mountbatten-Windsor, Harry’s son and daughter with his American wife Meghan Markle, will take over as senior working royals after Harry and Meghan step down in 2020.


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