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Why did Gus Kill Victor?

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Breaking Bad on AMC is widely recognised as one of the most successful and engrossing television shows of the modern era. Gus killed Victor, a devoted henchman and a notable enforcer in Gus’ Drug Empire, in season 4.

Gus killed Victor to convey a warning message to Walt and Jesse. By that point, Walt and Jesse were at odds with Gus, and Gus practically demonstrated that no one is safe with him by murdering Victor, a valuable figure in his empire, without hesitation.


Image Via: AMC

Some fans feel that if Gus had known Victor understood Walt’s cooking procedure so well, he might have reconsidered killing him; nonetheless, odds are Gus already knew and killed him regardless.

Gus could also have killed Victor because neighbours at Gale’s apartment spotted him there. When the cops arrived to investigate the murder, the neighbours would have undoubtedly described Victor’s look, posing a significant threat to Gus’ entire scheme.


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