Why did Regina Daniels marry Ned Nwoko?

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Social media and most people were taken aback in 2019 when Nigerian legal solicitor and billionaire politician made it public that he has married Nollywood actress Regina Daniels while she was at the age of 19 making her his sixth wife.

The marriage between the aged billionaire and the teenager became a topical issue in Nigeria as fans argued and debated on the possible reasons for which the young actress would marry Ned Nwoko who is capable of being his father.

Among the possible reasons for which Regina Daniels married Ned Nwoko includes;

  1. Because of the wealth of Ned Nwoko

Many fans and Nigerians are of the view that, the Nollywood actress married Ned who is forty years older than him because of the latter’s wealth and ability to shower her with all her needs and wants and also take care of her family.

2. That she wants her children to be royals of the prestigious Delta state


As it is common knowledge, Ned Nwoko is a Prince of the the Nwoko royal family, Idumuje Ugboko kingdom in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. Marrying him would mean, her offsprings would automatically belong to the royal family.

Anyway while you think of possible reasons for which Regina Daniels married Ned Nwoko, look at some adorable photos of the couples;

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