“Why Do Men Have To Die Before Women In Marriage” – Emeka Ike Seeks For Answers

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Nollywood star, Emeka Ike has taken to social media to seek for support for men who suffer from abusive marriages.

Mostly, the narrative is that women are the ones who are the victims in terms of abuse in marriage.

However, the actor has revealed that some men also suffer abuses and that he was subjected to same in his previous marriage.

In a social media post, Emeka Ike stated that some women are fond of abusing their male partners.

Emeka Ike also bemoaned the unfairness of society against men.

Emeka Ike

Emeka Ike lamented that most women are fond of getting married to men simply because of their money and status in life.

However, after making money from the marriage, these women abandon their husband and sometimes subject them to abuse, making their lives miserable at the end of the day after they have been wedded and brought to their matrimonial home.


In furtherance, Emeka Ike lamented that attention has not been given to men who suffer in abusive marriages as compared to the attention ladies get if they suffer same.

His post is below:

Image source: Emeka Ike/ Instagram
Image source: Emeka Ike/ Instagram

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