“Why I Hate Falling In Love” – Zubby Michael Opens Up

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Nigerian actor, Zubby Michael, has sparked reactions on social media after he revealed why he hates falling in love with women.

Zubby Micheal

Sharing a video of a movie scene he featured titled, Abandon Gods, he stated that love comes with too much drama just as exhibited in the movie and he has no interest in going through that stress.

A lot of fans who saw this comment told Zubby Michael that when he falls in love with the right person, he will willingly go through the drama.

Zubby Michael

Zubby Michael wrote;

“This is why I hate falling in love, it comes with too much drama which I have 0 tolerance for! ABANDONED GODDESS loading”.

The question of whether Zubby has a wife has been asked on many occasions. However, it is known that Nollywood actor is single and is more focused on his acting career.

Watch the video below;

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