Why is it called Loganair? What planes do Loganair fly?


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Loganair, a prominent Scottish airline renowned for its extensive regional network, continues to captivate travelers with its rich history and operational prowess. As passengers traverse the skies aboard Loganair flights, two common questions often arise: Why the name “Loganair,” and what aircraft constitute its fleet? Here, we delve into the origins of the airline’s name and explore the diverse range of planes that make up its fleet.


The Tale Behind the Name: Loganair The name “Loganair” carries an intrinsic connection to its founder, Willie Logan. Born from the Logan Construction Company Ltd, Loganair was established on February 1, 1962, with its roots deeply intertwined with Willie Logan’s visionary spirit. Initially serving as the air charter arm of the construction company, the airline soon embarked on a journey to become a prominent player in the aviation industry. Today, Loganair stands as a testament to its founder’s dedication and ambition.

The Fleet that Soars: Loganair’s Aircraft Loganair’s fleet comprises a versatile selection of aircraft, tailored to serve the unique demands of regional travel. Over the years, the airline has operated a variety of planes, reflecting its commitment to adapting and evolving with the industry. Notable members of Loganair’s fleet have included the Britten-Norman Islander twin-engine eight-seat light commuter airliners, as well as the Saab 340B aircraft.


As the aviation landscape transformed, Loganair embraced the introduction of jet aircraft, including the British Aerospace 146s. The airline’s dedication to enhancing its offerings led to the addition of various aircraft models such as the British Aerospace Jetstream 31, British Aerospace Jetstream 41, and British Aerospace ATP aircraft. This diversification enabled Loganair to cater to the changing preferences and requirements of its passengers.

Loganair’s commitment to excellence and innovation is further exemplified by its acquisition of two Viking Air DHC-6-400 Twin Otter aircraft, used to operate Scottish Government’s Public Service Obligation routes between destinations like Glasgow, Campbeltown, Tiree, and Barra.

A Name in the Skies: Loganair’s Legacy While the name “Loganair” harks back to its founder, Willie Logan, the airline’s legacy extends beyond its nomenclature. With a fleet that has evolved over time, Loganair stands as a testament to adaptability and a dedication to serving regional travel needs.

As the largest regional airline in the UK, Loganair’s commitment to connectivity and service remains unwavering. The airline’s legacy serves as a reminder of the visionary spirit that gave rise to its establishment and continues to propel it to new heights.


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