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Why is Kayce branded on Yellowstone? What did Kayce tell Monica what he saw on Yellowstone?

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Being branded on Yellowstone indicates loyalty to the Dutton ranch. Since they run a cattle farm, branding takes on a special significance and it marks that they, like the beef on Dutton land, ultimately belong to the family.

Why is Kayce branded on Yellowstone?

When the series began, Kayce was reluctant to get too involved in the ranch and the lifestyle that came with it.

But it was also revealed that Kayce had the Dutton Yellowstone brand on his chest by John, which seems to be the running punishment or the price he has to pay to stay/be on the Yellowstone ranch, which is considered a sign of loyalty.

Kayce of Yellowstone
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What did Kayce tell Monica what he saw on Yellowstone?


During Kayce’s narcotic-laden ritual, Kayce has a vision of his brother Lee, Kayce’s older brother who died in Season 1, Episode 1 of Yellowstone, paying him a visit, imploring Kayce to open the door. Kayce tells him he can’t.

Lee’s face then transforms into that of a dead man, with blood streaming down his severed chin. “This is your vision. This is your destiny,” he bellows. Lee then morphs into an unclad Avery who he briefly makes out with. “It’s just a dream,” she says. “It’s just a dream.”

Finally, the wolf appears and is made incarnate into a girl. The girl leads Kayce to a cliff’s edge. From there, Kayce sees two paths, and he must choose one. The wolf promises to help Kayce walk whichever road he chooses.

However, viewers are left in the dark about the two paths in front of Kayce and where they lead. Kayce returns home and when Monica asks him what he saw on the cliff, Kayce replies that he saw the end of us.

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