Wife Of 40 Years: Who Is Glenn Wheatley’s Wife Gaynor Martin?


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Gaynor Martin, an actress is the wife of the late Glenn Wheatley who passed away on Feb 1, 2022.


Gaynor Martin is known for Holiday Island (1981), Skyways (1979) and Sons and Daughters (1982).

Gaynor Martin has been married to Glenn Wheatley since July 14, 1982 and they have three children;  Tim Wheatley (born on March 17, 1984), Samantha Wheatley (born on June 5, 1985) and Kara Wheatley (born on August 27, 1986).

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Gaynor Martin played an exceptional role in the movie industry before retiring shortly after marrying Glenn Wheatley on 14 July 1982.


On 1 February 2022, it was announced that Gaynor Martin lost her husband Glenn Wheatley to covid-19 complications.

Gaynor Martin’s husband, Glenn Wheatley died at the age of 74 years after playing a key role in the entertainment scene for 65 years.

Gaynor Martin is relatively secretive and so a lot of her personal life is not in the public domain.

Gaynor Martin’s net worth has not been estimated yet but a look into her career as an actress reveals that her net worth can be estimated to be $1 million.




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