Will S24 AI features come to S23?


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Android fans have long appreciated the top-tier quality of Samsung phones. They’re consistently ranked among the best phones you can get, and now devotees can preorder the latest Samsung Galaxy lineup. While Samsung had its reservation deal for early birds, we’ve gathered all the best preorder deals you can currently take advantage of to help you get your hands on one without paying full price.


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Will the S24 AI feature come to S23?

Samsung groups all these tools (among others) together under the blanket moniker known as Galaxy AI, and it’s available on the Galaxy S24, S4 Plus, and S24 Ultra. These features will also come to the Galaxy S23 lineup through an update.


Some of those functions may sound familiar; they’re very similar to other generative AI-powered tools we’ve seen from companies like Google and Microsoft. Samsung is partnering with Google on the technology behind some of its new AI features, including the ones for rewriting texts, summarizing notes, and moving individual objects in photos.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra also gets a sharper new telephoto camera and a titanium build. All three phones also have Qualcomm’s latest processor and brighter screens.


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