Worst Cable TV Alternatives


Perhaps you are cutting cable and want to know the worst cable TV alternatives there are. This article is for you. Here are some worst cable TV alternatives.

Photo Credit: techshali.com
  1. YouTube TV: YouTube TV has many pros, which makes it the best alternative to cable TV. However, it also has a disadvantage that makes it one of the worst cable TV alternatives. This demerit is that it is not very budget-friendly. It offers its services at $64.99 per month, and they do not offer lots of series or movie options like Netflix. Another disadvantage is that there is no option for offline viewing. So you always need to have mobile data to view your preferred channels.
  2. HBO Max: Aside from HBO Max high price, another factor that makes people reconsider it is its limited availability geographically. HBO Max is only present in the United States and Canada. Though it is planning on expanding to European and Asian countries. Again, the service does not offer sports channels.