Yul Edochie Shows Off His Grown Up Daughter In A New Video

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The grown-up daughter of Yul Edochie has turned heads on social media after she was seen vibing with her father in a new video shared on social media.

Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor and filmmaker’s daughter, Dani Edochie, looks so much like him, with the most distinctive aspect being her nose.

Yul Edochie

In the video, the duo is seen taking a stroll within their compound while chatting. However, the actor’s daughter wasn’t happy that her father was laughing at her for no apparent reason and promised not to forgive him for mocking her.

Yul Edochie subsequently asked Dani what he could do to earn her forgiveness, after which they both laughed over it.

Watch the video below;

Yul Edochie recently took to social media to give an account of the accident he survived back in 2019 that almost lost his life. He shared a photo of his wrecked car on his Twitter handle and described the accident as a life-changing.

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